win xp prof cdkey



Hey Dudes
I just purchased Windows XP Professional, but the serial key
was not included, i called the guy from the store and he won't give
me a new one, but i really want to install win xp, and SP 1 and all that
stuff, so could someone please give me an original XP professional cdkey?
I will trade with any of the following original game cdkeys:

Half-life Game of the year edition
Half-life Counterstrike
Half-life Opposing Force
Half-life Blueshift
Quake 3 Arena
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Fifa 2002 Soccer
Clive Barker's Undying

Ok if you can trade with me then please e-mail me at

Ok thanks, please reply immediately i need it fast.
Oh and one more thing, does anyone have a program
that can change your cdkey in windows? cuz i had to install
windows with a bad serial because otherwise i wouldn't have a computer.


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Arrrrrg!!! Jewelz I just PM him and was about to Hellify this thing...You....... you....... Arrrrrrrrr!!!! that's what happens when I type to slow, someone else beats me to it... :p ;) :cool:

I had just closed it tooooo... :p


about the cd key post

Sorry guys
I didn't know that i wasn't allowed to post such a thread.
I never traded with serials, so i didn't know it was illegal.
I won't post something like this again, but the store won't
give me my serial though, since this is not america here, nor europe. so it won't go as easily as you think, but ow well then
no serial. Later guys


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I wonder if he actually has one of them Chinese counterfeit MicroSquish ones.

Remember it was in da news about the counterfeit ring that got shut down with a ton of bootleged MicroSquish programs.