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Win XP 1105.1 Final version

Spotted this on winbeta.org, posted there by "cold"

*Exclusive* WinXP SP1 Build 1105.1 will be Final!
Well gang, after much speculation, we have learned that the final build # of WinXP SP1 will be 1105.1

Not much more info on the final build at this moment, but we do expect to see it at your favorite suger shack within 24 hrs. Funny, some (no names mentioned) have said it's been pushed back by 10 days or more. I suspect they are reading AOL forums
Elusive build 1105.1: the truth comes out

Well, here we go again. Amid all speculation of Service Pack 1 build numbers in the last 2 days, Microsoft has been busy putting the finishing touches on the truth. Until now we have had information that build 1105.1 was to be the final Package.

That now has all changed. What we know is as follows:

1105.1 was only built for some languages, indicating it might be RTM for those specific languages. 1106 was also compiled today, which then indicates that MS plans on going on with the english version. 1106 is the rtm (release to manufacturer) code, and so is 1105.1 ... they are just packaged differently. We can expect RTM for oems to be around 1110.

So that being said, if you are looking for 1106 to show up, don't hold your breath. 1106 is an internal build, not packaged for release. Although RTM, it is still being tested. make sense? You ask what then CAN we expect. Well for sure the OEM around build #1110. But if we happen to get our hands on anything else before that we'll be certain to pass it along.

I'm sure this is will cause tons of confusion but just sit tight and try and avoid speculation. Let Microsoft do what it does best. We can speculate about that all day long

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