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Hi you clever guys out there!

Is there anyone who have a idea of hacking the startbutton in Enterprice edition?? I can't find the folder that I can find in XP. The restore folder must be placed somewhere else. Or have another name thet I can't find.
Hope you have a solution.

The dllcache is a hidden system folder. You need to go to tools> folder options in windows explorer and unhide it. Don't know if that helps or not, i'm not familiar with the enterprise edition.
No that is the problem It doesn't be the same as in XP pro. I can't find the restore folder and not the filelist.xml file.
Does it allow for custom search functions? Try a search with "system and hidden files" enabled and see if you can find explorer.exe/explorer.*/exp*.*, etc.

I noticed in my protected file cache that most of the files are compressed and not the actual working files. That's why i suggested using the wild cards in your search in case it isn't named exactly as the original in the cache. The search will hopefully give you a lead to your systems protected file cache folder.
Yippiee Woooaaaaahh

I got the solution. Because there is no restore folder and no filelist.xml I have to change the explorer.exe in the dllcache folder and after that change the explorer.exe in the windows directoery. I've tryed to reboot and it seems to work. I hope it's simle as that.

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