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Will PC2700 Ram

An advantage is that the 2700 will be fast enough so you can set it for 266 mHz @ CL 2.0 in bios and pick up an improvement. Most 2100 ram isn't stable at CL 2.0.


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Originally posted by neoterixx
I just want the ram to be compatible with newer technologies later.
you'll be fine :)

if you REALLY want new stuff... get pc3200 :) the price difference is not that big from pc2700 - 3200 ... but much bigger than from pc2100-3200 :)

check out the prices and performance likely in a future upgrade and purchase accordingly :D


Is there a setting in the BIOS to set the CL2.0? I have Kingston 256MB DDR400 PC3200 CL2.5


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yeah, your board has a few different settings to mess with regarding memory latency. they're under "advanced chipset features" in your bios. set "memory timing" to user defined. then you can set "sdram active to precharge delay", "sdram ras to cas delay", "sdram ras precharge delay" and "sdram cas latency" (CL) to lower numbers.

if your pc3200 is running at 266mhz, you might be able to set those four variables all to '2'. that's what i've done with mine as you can see in my sig. :) otherwise, maybe 4-3-3-2 or something. experiment.

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