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Will I be Banned for this?

Before you read any further,I want say that this is not an Xp question.It's an ME question.I know these forums are for Xp,but I am in need of serious help from you guys.I am at my wits end,and I greatly appreciate any suggestions.
Here's the problem.My parents bought an ActionTec 56k Call-Waiting modem.The modem uses call waiting ,so you can answer call while surfing.
The problem is, it stopped working about a month ago.I installed it,set up the call waiting app,and it ran fine for about 3 weeks.Then it quit answering calls.I called ActionTec and they RMA'ed it.Got the new one-same thing.It will dial-up,connect normally,but won't answer incoming calls.I have installed and re-installed the drivers, checked to see if any software is screwing it up,checked the phone cords,wall sockets etc.,called the phone company to see if call-waiting is working(it is),and I'm getting nowhere.The funny thing is,when you try to call while it's connected to the internet,instead of just ringing, you get a busy signal.
The system specs are:Windows ME(groan),Celeron 733 mhz,256 Ram ,onboard video(Intel i820 I think),and Soundblaster sound card(not sure what,I don't think it matters).Not the greatest,I know.
If anybody has any ideas at all I will kiss their feet.
I do NOT have Windows ME.I use Xp Pro,my parents use ME.I cannot convince them to move up to Xp.And yes,56k still exists for all of us who live in the country and can't get cable.
Of course you won't be banned for asking quesitons about other OS's.

It's REALLY hard troubleshooting problems like this one because there's really no way of knowing what the user (your parents) have done to the computer. I'm going to take a guess that something has been installed that is causing the problem. I say that because you say it was working ok for a while.

You say you uninstalled the software - go one further, uninstall it agian, delete the old dial-up account from networking (modem drivers and the whole shebang from device manager too), create a new dial-up account and reinstall the call waiting software again. Make sure you write all the settings down before you start: access number, password, pop3 mail server settings, etc. If that doesn't do it then I don't know what to suggest. You might call the phone company and make absolutely sure that the call waiting feature is still active on the account too. Good luck.
I'll try it,but I 'm not sure it will work.I called the phone company already,and call-waiting is active.I've been through all of the installed programs,I don't think they are the problem.I may just reformat the hard drive and reinstall ME,get a fresh start on it.Thanks man.
I offered to do it,but they don't want Xp 'cause it won't run some of their stuff.It's sad that anybody would want ME(a piece of sh*t) over Xp.


Me DOES Suck !!

I know what you mean about Win Me !! I got a FREE copy from MS...and I STILL won't use it !! Lasted all of about 3 days on my system and what a piece of crap THAT was !! XP will be my new 98 for a few years to come I hope.....actually have had the same install on this system for over 7 months now and STILL going strong....will probably even beat out my longest install of 98 !!

Woo Hoo !!!




Ended up giving the OS to my mother for her machine...and NOW she doesn't even want to think about XP !! What is it with Parents and Win Me ?!?!?



You may want to have a look here: Clickitty Click Particularly the "switching call waiting modes" and the "can't answer incoming calls" sections.
That link points to the FAQ for the internal modem, if your's is the external version then Click here.

Lonman,I did everything you said to try.I deleted the old dial-up account,uninstalled the modem and the call-waiting software.Rebooted,re-installed everything,rebooted again(to be safe),and tried it.Same thing-modem dials up great,good connection speed-but when you call while it's connected you get the same busy signal.
Thanks for the link Bluecat.I have the internal modem,but that FAQ doesn't cover my problem.
Good tries,but no luck-got any more suggestions?


Hey Det,
Could you describe the wiring config starting from the wall jack all the way to the end? Please include all splitters, etc. (if any). Also, does the phone you're using have a built in answering machine or call waiting/id features, and if so, are they active?
As was mentioned earlier in this thread, these sorts of problems carry a vast array of possible errors, so please be as descriptive as possible. ;)
1. There are no splitters betwen the wall socket and the modem and the line that comes out of the modemgoes to an answering machine and then to the phone.I've tried using different phones without any success,and have tried hooking the modem to a different wall socket.(Remember-the current phone setup did work for about 3 weeks)
2. I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled ME.There is no software installed that didn't come with windows(except the call-waiting app).No anti-virus,windows updates,nothing.I made sure that only Explorer was running,then dialed up.I then called the number-and got the same busy signal.I think it may be safe to assume that there is no software that could be causing the problem(unless it is ME,and then I'm gonna shoot the damn thing).
I think I'm slowly going crazy.


OSNN Senior Addict
According to the ActionTec web site Windows ME is not one of the supported OS's for that modem. That may be what is causing your problems.
Yes, Windows Me is supported,but isn't on the web site.

Alright-I gave in and called ActionTec's support number.Turns out,they can't figure out what's wrong either.To give you an idea of how bright they are,this is the advice they gave me;
1.Disable the call-waiting in the control app.Reboot.Enable call-waiting.Reboot.Didn't work.
2.Download and install the Windows 2000 drivers.Tech claimed this worked for him before(I still can't figure out why it would though).Didn't work.
3.Tech walked me through the uninstall and reinstall of the ME drivers in case I missed something.Didn't work.
4.They gave up and RMA'ed the damn thing(again).
It'll be about 3 weeks until the new one shows up.I'll let you guys know how it turns out(if this one don't work,I'll probably end up in a mental ward somewhere).



this may sound stupid and late, but have you made sure that on the dial up account *70, is not enabled?


Re: *70,

Originally posted by natasrof1
this may sound stupid and late, but have you made sure that on the dial up account *70, is not enabled?
Same thought I had.
And yes ME sucks-never realized how much until I switched to XP-haven't had a prob is 5 months that I didn't cause:D
A little late,but I appreciate the thought,though.The modem was mailed about a week ago.
Yes,I looked at that-looked at everything two or three times even.Neither the ActionTec tech guy or myself could find a reason why it didn't work.Maybe the new one (the third one I've gotten!)will work.


Ahhh, the ActionTec. First off, I was going to respond to this earlier but my companies comp BSOD'd. When will they learn Win98 as a network is disaster!!! Anyhow, I have the same modem you have and I can tell you that the exact same occurances happened to me. I got my modem a week before I escaped HELL (ME) and upped to 2000. I think for the first week or so it would accept incoming calls and actually was very cool. After that, while still using ME, anyone who called either said it rang 4 times then the voice mail picked up or they would get a busy tone. I tried everything short of calling ActionTec (I never call Support for anything...they just frustrate me). After installing 2000, it still didnt work and I eventually came to Hawaii for school, and it STILL didn't work (so it wasn't the phone line). Now that I got DSL I never worry about it, but I've been waiting to see someone else have the same problem.

After reading this this will probably not help you in any way heh, sorry. All I can say is either call ActionTec and tell them someone else had the same problem and have the give you an answer (not a replacement) or just say the hell with it and spring for a new one. Good luck man, I feel your pain and I truly hope you get better results than me. Take care.



Not to beat a dead horse, but.....with the issue of callers getting a busy tone, the only way that can happen is if you do not have call waiting or if you put dial *70 in the dial string. Can you hear the modem dial? count the tones. But if it is ringing until voice mail picks up than that may be software related. Just my two more cents worth, let us know if the thrid time is truly the charm.

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