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Wii would like to play


The One and Only
hellz yes. if i had to guess...... porn > Wii > *..... and even that's kinda a tossup between porn and Wii. but i guess the fact that you can look at porn on your Wii and mess around with it and stuff makes it an even bigger plus. guess it'd be Wii and/or porn > *.

..... feel kinda weird using Wii and porn in the same sentence.....

on the subject of porn..... the CEO of Seagate had a rather interesting statement as of late:
Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn.
straight from the horses mouth i guess...

back on topic... WII ROCKS!!!!


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That Wii is slick. And think of it, you play and exercise at the same time. How very novel. :D
Perhaps it is the answer to obesity :p I know lots of people that lost a huge amount of weight because they got addicted to DDR. Personally I couldn't stand DDR, but the Wii has huge potential for making exercise fun, since DDR machines are too expensive to own.


The One and Only
GM: all you really need is a PS2 or GC and the DDR mat. don't need the whole arcade machine. a friend of mine (who happens to be rather chunky) has DDR for his Gamecube. funny thing was he wasn't able to play it very much in his old apartment cause he worked during the day, and the people that lived in the apartment below him would call the cops cause he made too much noise.

Nintendo was kinda being ridiculed due to the one head person at Nintendo commenting "Go to the gym, fatty"... or something along those lines.... when someone said something about people getting tired while playing the Wii. If you get THAT tired while playing the Wii... you really DO need to hit the gym. it's not that strenuous.

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