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Wifi connection drops when Xbox linked to laptop


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I have an XBox hooked up to the homes Wifi connection using a bridging connection through a laptop - every ten minutes or even less - this connection drops. When the connection is made direct to the wifi router with an ethernet cable the connection remains stable for the duration of any session.
My suspicions are that something is running in the background on the laptop, but I cant find it, that may be doing some sort of check on the pc itself or its connectivity. Perhaps even sending it to sleep in some odd way. Have any of you any clues what I might check for on the laptop to ascertain what activity may be happening on a cyclic basis which would suddenly terminate the link ?

Many thanks
Power conservation software. Shut down all power saving features if you can. Especially the HD. Laptops are set up to conserve power not to be doing server type jobs.
yeah, agree with LeeJend.

click on your ethernet icon and tell it not to "sleep" or whatever.

additionally, if you're using wifi on the laptop and connecting to the ethernet port, you've already got "internet sharing" going on. Good. I had that problem where I would plug in ethernet to share and it would turn off the wifi automatically... sharing saved me. :)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi guys

Thank you for your words of advice. I'd appreciate it if you can be a little more specific with what you are saying. The suggestions make sense but can you guide me a little closer to how to make the changes you suggest - many thanks.

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