Wife spilled beer allover my amilo m3438g laptop


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My wife has just spilled beer all over my amilo 3438g laptop. It was on when she did this and it cut out. When I lifted up the laptop Beer was poring out of it. Now I'm pretty sure it's shorted out now and wont work at all. Thing is it's still soaking inside and out so I ain't going to attempt putting it on. I'm pretty sure the standard 1 year warranty wont cover this so what I'd like to know is would it be worth getting someone to look at it or would it cost me a fortune. I'm really p'd of with this to say the least[/u]


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Grandmaster should help you out, he had a situation but it was not beer...
if not..

1. Turn it off. If need be, do a hard shutdown.

2. Blot up excess liquid with a soft cloth. Don't use a wiping motion, that just pushes the liquid around.

3. Remove any cables, external drives, removable bays and external Network Cards.

4. Blot up the liquid that may have gotten on the removable media.

5. Do not take apart the casing. This can void your warranty and you could damage internal components.

6. Tilt the laptop from side to side to allow the liquid to drain out. Do this gently and do not shake the laptop.

7. Place upside down so that any excess liquid that you couldn't reach will drain out.

8. Use a blow dryer if you have one and set it on the coolest setting. Carefully dry the laptop, paying attention to the keyboard and the parts you removed. Keep the blow dryer moving over all parts.

9. The minimum recommended drying time is one hour but it leaving the laptop to dry for at least 24 hours is preferred.

10. Once your laptop has had time to dry, reattach the removable components and start up the laptop. If it starts up with no problems, then run some programs and try using the external media.

11. If the laptop does not start up or there are other problems, it is time to take your laptop to a certified repair service. If your laptop is still under Warranty - follow those procedures.

1. Water is the easiest liquid to clean up on a laptop. It is a case of moving quickly to ensure water doens't get into the internal casing.
2. Other liquids, especially those that are sugar based will makes things sticky and is harder to clean up. Use a slightly damp warm cloth to clean up sugar based liquids.

What You Need:

* Clean soft cloth.
* Blow dryer
* Time - to let the laptop dry out.


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I managed to spill some orange juice over my laptop.

You say it "cut out". That's a bit worrying. Mine did not do that but I did turn it off as fast as possible.

I recommend you use rubbing alcohol (99 cents) instead of water to clean out the beer. You can simply pour it all over and then tilt the laptop to drain it out. And just follow the rest of tdinc's suggestions.

Although you are going to have to open the case to do that. It didn't void my warranty, but it may for you. So make sure you can open the case without voiding the warranty before you attempt to do this.

Other than that you'll just have to pray. :p

P.S. If the worst happens, just make sure you remove all traces of the beer from your laptop, and then tell the people who have your laptop under warranty that it just stopped working. Just don't mention anything about beer because that will void it.


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I think I'm to late. Beer was dripping out of the bottom. I opened it already and it had got right inside. I hope this does'nt cost me a fortune. My first child is due in 5 weeks and I cant aford to scrach at the moment.


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Do not leave it to dry. The beer residue must be removed immediately. Get the rubbing alcohol and throughly flush it out. Beer is heavy in sugar and carbohydrates that will leave a conductive film over everything.

After flushing the MB blot up the excess then shake as much more out as possibe. Now using compressed air blow out the remained. If you don't have access to a compressor get several cans of "canned air" for electronics cleaning.

Use the canned air outside. It is not air, it is a toxic chemical. Do not expose your wife to it.

PS What was your 31 week pregnant wife doing with beer? She better have been bringing it to you, not poisoning your baby with it.


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She was bringing me one. Well I've flushed it outasbest I can. I've put it in he airing cubord to dry. I'll try to fake with the warranty on monday so fingers crosed.


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Woohoo Lift off. I can't believe I managed to get it working. I flushed it out with fresh water on saturday night and left it to dry over the weekend (till 3 pm today) put the back on and put in the battery and hey presto working. I had to set up the time and date again but thats all. The lithium battery might need replaced I'm not sure. But at least its working. Thanks for all your advice. You've saved me a fortune.

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Excellent news doom.
I once jumped in a river to save a drowning sheep.
Sadly the sheep drowned but so did the mobile phone in my pocket, it was fubarred but I was able to clean the phone just enough that it didn't look water damaged and I was able to get a replacement.

That was going to be my suggestion, but as all seems well, that is excellent news!


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if you can still figure a way to get parts in it replaced under warranty might be agood idea. Who knows what the surges did.


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Awesome it is fixed.

Thread reminds me of an old ghettoblaster I found in the rain, in an alley. Took it home and let it dry out. Seems it was left in the alley for a reason.

Knowing the properties of beer when it dries out, we poured a cold one into the ghettoblaster through the top mounted CD player.

She started working the very next day, the shorted wires now fused in sugary goodness. We hung a pine air freshener on the handle to avoid the smell, and used it for several months before destroying it in some dubious tests. From 10 feet it survived, 25 - well you know the rest.

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