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Wierd Freeze


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I didn't know where this should go, cause I really don't know what it was soo..

I don't restart my computer much, no need. I have been having weird sound problems (other problem, might ask later if needed) and I desided to restart cause you know computers can get crazy, anyways, I restarted and within 20 seconds into windows, everything freezes, mouse and all (haven't seen that for like 10 years lol), restarted again, same thing.....third time everything is back to normal...

Anyone got a clue of what that was, and if it might come back?


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I would check your startup items. Start, run, MSCONFIG. Check if anything funny is in there, also check the services tab. Disable everything at first and then enable things one at a time until you find something that may be causing a problem.

Also do a virii/spyware/malware scan, check the event viewer, etc.

btw- this should be in Windows Desktop ;)


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I always do virus/spyware/malware crap all the time, I know it cant be that,

thanks, I'll check those other things, and keep an eye on things

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