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Wich ram to buy?



I use Windows XP Pro with only 128 of ram. I know it's not enough so don't tell me that again.
I want your opinions in the following:
Do you think I should buy a 256 DDR DIMM or a 512 SDRAM DIMM?

Please tell me what you think by voting or if you any good and more specific answer reply to this post.

hmm,you didn't let us know what your first 128mb is DDR or sdram

if you have a DDR mobo i'd definitely get the DDR especially if your current system is 128mb ddr...

but remember you can't mix sdram and ddr.


I would go the DDR also

I only ever buy Crucial RAM personally , i have tried generic RAM and its junk

You can actually tweak Crucial RAM to increase its bandwith.

See attachment:

The Crucial RAM running at CL=3 got the same results as the stick of Generic RAM. But, RAM is supposed to run the best at its specified settings. When setting CL=2 for the Crucial memory, you see a considerable increase in bandwidth.

Explanation: CL = 2 means that the RAM can work with the timings set to 2-2-2. These settings can be found in the BIOS, usually under “Advanced Chipset Configuration” (look for the word CAS). The setting 2-2-2 should be faster than 3-3-3.


3D MARK 2001

Quality RAM like Crucial can also increase your 3Dmarks

Each test was a 3DMark2001 default benchmark: 1024x768, 32-bit colours, double buffering, 24-bit Z-buffer, compressed textures, no FSAA and D3D Hardware T&L of course.

I hope thats not to much waffle for you , but i take RAM very seriously, as it is so damn important.

If you want your PC to get good results and perform - Crucial Ram is the best to buy.

Hope that helps you :p


I would go for the DDR Ram, I personally have 512 DDR and I am very satisfied with it.

But it all depends on how you use your pc. If you open a lot of programs at the same time you need more memory.

Fhuising ;)


my 128mb of ram are sdram, now should I buy 256mb of ddr or 512sdram cuz I can't afroad 512mb of ddr



Always go DDR, even when you can have double the amount of SDRAM in its place, its all about BANDWIDTH. DDR has a higher bandwidth than SDRAM, and should always be the natural choice on any application that will support it. 512MB of SDRAm will give you more RAM but not more bandwidth. And as for brands of DDR, I ALWAYS use only Corsair Microsystems. Ive been on numerous OC forums, and through my own personal experiences with 6 different systems, COrsair has always been the most stable and highly overclockable setup. Try running an MSI K7T series MOBO at HiPerformance BIOS settings with any other brand and I can almost guarantee you it probably wont boot. I run both of mine at HiPerf BIOS defaults, a few extra tweaks and my main system is running 286Mhz and is the most stable system ive ever run. Try it, you might like it. :)

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