why'd you get your first computer


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School. It was used for writing reports and stuff. also like to play the conan game that came with it.
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Didn't get my first (Dell 400mhz) until I was 18. Lasted with that one until I was 22.

Got it cause I thought I was going to be a computer programmer. Yeah I was dumb, I hate programming. Now all I do is play games and watch porn. My how things change.


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To play games

Old as computer (forget at the time cause I didnt know I would be into computers later on)

Have 3.1 on it but 98 was out

Wanted to go online and what not so my g-ma have me her gateway 2000 that lasted 2-3 years untill it got old and wouldnt do much of anything and then I was replacing the modem and the motherboard smoked when I touched it haha


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My dad got a computer, had windows 95 I think......I was umm 8 or something when I first used it, so I didn't really have a computer......couple years later about 10 or 11 years old my dad upgraded and I got the old computer. So I didn't really have a reason to get one, I just started using one.


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So I can be a cool illiterate who uses aol and look cool while bragging to my friends about what I got; even though I didn't know how to turn it on at the time ..

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