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why wont it let me install older drivers?

I have a geforce fx 5200 and with the newest drivers ragnarok and gunz online have graphic glitches. I heard the 44.03 drivers have no problems with these games. I install the drivers. restart. and it isn't installed. I use nasty file remover to see if nvidia files are on the computer and they are on the computer but nothing happens. please help. I need old drivers to play these games.
Windows thinks it is smarter than you. It hides copies of drivers and then reuses them no matter what you tell it to do.

Nasty File Remover or Driver Cleaner applied properly will get rid of them.

1). Put the 44.03 drivers where you can find them easily.
2). Set your desktop video to 800x600 so in case something goes wrong you can still read the screen.
3). Uninstall the video card in System Manager.
4). Uninstall the nvidia software under program manager.
5). Run Nasty File Remover.
6). Reboot - point the new hardware wizard to where you stashed the 44.03 drivers.
7). Reboot again because I don't trust windows.
8). If everything is working make a new restore point and then delete the old ones so windows can't backslide on you.

You should have the version you want in there now.

Or you can use driver cleaner. Follow the istructions that come with it.

PS NEVER update drivers, firmware or bios unless you have a problem the new one specifically fixes. Newer is hardly ever better.

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