Why with winamp does my music crackle and pop etc? any other media player it doesnt..



p3 800

512 ram

abit bx-133 raid mb

windows xp

46gb ibm hd on ata 100

tried with sblive! and also with audigy. same results...

not understanding this and its very annoying...
Did this problem always happen?? Try downloading the newest version.
Turn all your colume levels to halfway.

(If I recommended this to you before, I apologize. I'm having trouble keeping track of threads tonight :D )
Mine does the same but only if i jump from track to track in my music folder, if i set up a play list and enque each one after the other then it is fine no crackles!?! Is this the same problem as yours?
nope, crackles whenever i do something in windows.
snap crackle POP

my sound card (pc128) actually did this with ME with winamp. I never tried it in windows media to see if it done it there. It didnt do it all of the time, almost seemed as if i were online or done something that might have been conflicting with it. just an annoying little crackle, just enough to P@$#$# you off. If i rebooted all was fine till something conflicted with it again. As far as with win XP now, it doesnt do it all. Might be a driver issue. Try diff drivers for sound card if you can get em.
When I had upgraded to XP, Winamp (ver 2.77) would no longer work. I would get these error messages that some entry in the kernal32.dll could not be found. I had posted about his in the Winamp forum and someone suggested installing the latest 2.78 version and then installing the patch for that version. I did it and it worked! Winamp now is playing great just like it always had before.

You might try doing that if you haven't already.
I am run now running win amp beta three which seems to be fine , i will see how i get on!! cheers

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