Why the wait?



My system boots up in about 40s, however for the first 30s nothing seems to happen... no HDD activity.. just the 3 blue bars scrolling across happy as can be. Then HDD kicks in and I'm off and running in about 10s.

What's it doing for all that time?
Is it something to do with Hardware Detection?
Can I stop it doing it?
'Cos ME installed as dual boot, gets up in about 10s.


Go to control panel > System > Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers > Primary and secondary IDE channels, click on advanced settings tab in each one, and you'll see device 0 and device 1. For each one that says "not applicable", set "autodetection" to "none". Also, make sure your other settings are set to DMA instead of PIO (unless that device doesnt support DMA, which is rare, but make sure first, or you might not be able to boot).

Reboot, and see if that has any effect.

Also, are you using a PCI IDE/SCSI controller? If so, that might cause a delay too. Some NICs may cause this also, but thats also.

Hope this helps. Post back your results if you could.



That's the ticket

Yup... Cheers Mate
I'm now looking at the right end of 12s from Dual Boot Select to User Login.



I have a similar problem, not the same but similar and cant find any mention of it (if you know a thread ad then please post)

I have win XP installed on a 10 gig partition of my IBM deskstar 7200 rpm
When it is just win XP installed it boots up very quickly and you are able to use the computer without any probs.

I installed Norton system works onto a clean install of win XP and it boots up without any probs and loads the anti virus, now here is the interesting bit, it takes another minute at least (normally more like two or three) before the firewall will load and you are able to use the computer without any probs, until that you can open a few things. I have checked the processes you can see when the firwall and stuff kicks in. I also have two MSN messenger icons on startup!!? once you drop your mouse over the top one of them disappears as you would expect. I have checked and can only see one instance of msn messenger process running.

I have also had this problem with AVG anti virus and panda anti virus software (using zone alarm firwall) and they take the same amount of time to start on boot up. But as i said before this has been a clean install of XP on fri night and i havent installed and uninstalled anti AV's or firwalls or indeed anything at all.

Any ideas?


what does setting the autodetection to none do?

that is, should I do that?

will i get a faster boot?


Its designed to search for new devices everytime you boot-up. Setting to none disables this search.

If you ever add a device to that slot, you need to reenable it for XP to find it.

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