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Why the MS hatred??



Ok, let me start this off right. I dont understand all the hatred that gets directed at Microsoft from a lot of the users here. And even those of you who dont hate them, constantly refer to them as "Microshaft" or "Micro$oft" MS is a wonderful company that has built the most user friendly OS on the market, and devoted itself whole heartedly to improving it continually. Their OS has the largest software base, and the highest QUALITY software. For example, Gimp for Linux sucks compared to Photoshop.
I also find it funny that many people who despise them, still use all their products!! Even the users who use linux use MS OS emulators so they can run the most common programs.

So i guess my question is, "Why all the beef?"


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I think Microsoft is awesome and if any Microsoft employee is reading this you can e-mail me for my address to send the free software.

Perris Calderon

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most people love microsoft

I'm one of those people

I also love the way we are handling the missdeads of microsft

in the end , practcal monopolies are always bad, though breaking up the big ones is always painfull, it's also always neccessary, and in the long run gives gain

every bussiness is obligated to become as pervasive as possible with there products

and then it's our responsibilty as a society to keep the obuse that is sure to evolve with any big bussiness to acceptable levels for the common good

everything is forming as it should

don't forget

it's the free market that forced ms to develope the nt kernal...as an alternative to the free distros that were proving a superior product


I may actually be insane.
~90% of computers run windows, therefore 90% of the computer worlds problems are experienced on windows, 90% of great gaming and entertainment is experienced on windows.

Now lets say you boot your computer one day, play a DVD and that's that.
The next day, you boot up, you get a blue screen, your drive becomes corrupt and you need to fix a load of files to get winows workin again.
Which experience of the two is going to annoy you more and which are you going to remember?

Personally I think microsoft can be annoying at time, but hell, I use there operating system everyday, and I couldnt do any better, so i have no right to complain.

basically if Apple owned 90% of the market, people would hate apple, if 90% of the market was dominated by redhat, everyone would hate redhat. people DO hate these smaller operating systems, there just aren't enough people making noise about it..
I just dont like their dominance and lack of compliance with standards but then all I gotta do for that is take MSIE out back and shoot it in the head :p


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Originally posted by xsivforce
I think Microsoft is awesome and if any Microsoft employee is reading this you can e-mail me for my address to send the free software.
Hahaha... always lookin for a free lunch. :p Errrrrrr... Where's the line? :D


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I luv to hate MicroSquish and I hate to luv MicroSquish... It's a luv hate relationship. :p

Damn... It's like bein married. :eek:


I use what suits my needs... Linux so far has been somewhat of a dissapointment. Microsoft has been easier for me to use. I also want to get a Mac. I use what I can and no longer have 'brand' loyalty.
Microsoft peripherals (mice, keyboards, gamepads etc) are the best in the market imo, their software however is a bit here, there and everywhere. Agreed, they make good apps, but theres always gonna be a problem with them. I suppose thats down to it being the people's favourite (either by preference or popularity). Everything is easier to do on Windows, they have sorted the need for 20 reboots a day in 2K/XP - and against everyone's judgements... I think ME was a solid O/S - no bsod, ram leaks or anything here - although 98SE was another matter.

I think one of the reasons for people's hatred against MS is the fact that they are just out for money really... I know, I know, they're making software which is popular, does the job and helps people use their computers easily... but exactly why do they need a £200 or higher price tag for most of their software? You will probably find that most people who call microsoft "M$", also think their software is overpriced... and in more cases than not are probably running copied MS apps (but thats a different matter all together).

If microsoft could make their next Windows version like WinXP... but more advanced and futureproof, and a little less bloated (and perhaps a tad cheaper) - they'd be onto a winner and I would definitely buy the product without having to save up for weeks prior and without thinking of trying it thru warez beforehand (like I usually do).


Ha, ok Jonifen :) So all microsoft has to do is make a better product thats costs less money and is "futereproof",and you would be ok. But the better they do, the more a lot fo these people hate them. Because fo their so called dominance.

The cream rises to the top people. They are there because they earned it, they will stay there till someone does better.

And as a side note, yes they are just out to make money!! thats what companies DO. It is not sound business principles to run a company on any other IDEA than to make a lot of money. They arent a chairty or a foundation, they are a company. Companies need cash flows.
Microsoft XP is in my opinion currently the best operating system out there, however it is easy to understand the frustration of people who see them coming out with new "must have" operating systems every couple of years, even though they have failed to plug the leaks in the last one
I use Windows because it is the worlds most popular OS, therefore it'll have most of the best progs...but if I had a choice, I'd rather Linux and Gnome any day


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Here is my reasons for hating MS:

1. A new virus out almost daily, damn fix the damn holes, and make sure your code is secure.
2. if you build in a firewall, make sure its a good one that can be configured to people's liking, not something that lets anything from inside go outside.
3. The high prices, common, $50 per CD and youd allready be making a huge profit

I use MS Windows 2000 myself, and i still hate them. How come? Since i would rather run FreeBSD with Gnome or KDE and have all the apps i like on there.

Yes i do use Photoshop, but i use The Gimp for Windows and for FreeBSD.

Someone said the Gimp sucks compared to the photoshop? You just dont know how to use it. Its more powerfull and can do a lot more than photoshop developers can ever imagine.

See, i personally have run Wine so i could run steam in it, so i could play my beloved counter strike on FreeBSD.

Like someone noted, we used Windows OS emu's so we can use our apps, the reason for that is because we cant use it natively on our OS's since the makers of the product dont build it for that OS.

See thats another thing i hate about MS, they take much of the market share of apps that get made for the system. But more and more apps are appearing for Linux. Eventually game makers will write games for Linux as well, since it has a huge potential. Having played 20 different games of tetris, i can tell you it gets boring. Some game maker should see that us hard core fraggers wouldnt mind having CS on Linux, or a quake 3, or even UT2k3.


I may actually be insane.
Quake 3 and UT2k3 have official linux ports, UT2k3 even came in the box (it just wasn't stated on the box due to it being added after boxes were printed)


Enyo, you said that much better than i could've, ill just sit over here and let you talk. I wholeheartedly agree.
Look at the price of MS Office Professional, now if you happen to actually need the Database feature (MS Access) then even if you are a very small organization you are looking at 3.000, -NOK which for a small non profit organization which doesnt get much money into it is extortionate.

To appease a helluva lot of people MS could probably safely drop all of their prices by about 10% or something.

That said I dont think I will be buying another MS Office cause OOo is good enough for me, and if Palladium goes into longhorn then I aint going to buy that.


I don't like Microsoft becuase the quality of its software doesn't match its price.

The only reason I use it, becuase the applications I enjoy run on it.

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