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Why is Vista Better than XP?


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The latest OS is always better than its previous versions. It's just how you perceive the functionality and asthetics.

One thing I don't like is the so-called "3D" UI. You can see the windows in a cascading layout, but it's all FLAT.
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Mr. Bananagrabber
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I still subtly dont think it would be at all worth it to upgrade on my machine, thanks to all of your guys help, i have pretty much made up my mind...
I will put it on my dual processor machine :)
Well, from what I saw, I was very impressed with. And I still have yet to install Vista on my machines here. I think I will be testing it on my laptop one of these days. I am not sure I want the kids to be playing around with Vista all that much. haha. Although... They would probably be able to find more bugs with goofing around with things... But reproducing what they would do would be painful. lol

I think Vista will be a great improvement over XP, but it will also consume more resources and ultimately be around the same in speed.


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ming said:
The latest OS is always better than its previous versions. It's just how you perceive the functionality and asthetics.

Windows ME



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Sazar said:

Windows ME

Pfft, instability, blue screens of death, and in general just major crap were all features, in which case it was a clear improvement of those exact features over it's previous family member :p

Perris Calderon

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it was a dos os trying to create a user interface that needed more facility then the os was capable of addressing

all you had to do was turn off all the glitze and you had a pretty stable machine that ran pretty fast

I am a little worried about vista for the same reasons that milleniim turned into a dog

even though vista is rewritten with cleaner code, it's just a layer on top of the nt kernel, which isn't a bad idea in itself, but the reason xp is stable is that it is not pushing the envelope of it's own capability, there is "overhead"...it can do more then it's asked to do, there's plenty of room over what it does versus what's it's capable

when you deminish the overhead, bing, less room to compensate for advresity such as bad programing and dirty code, etc

we'll see how good it is when it's done and we all start pushing the limits
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Quazatron R6 droid
Well reasoned perris.

I'll probably make the upgrade to Vista although I don't think I'll have a new box with a 64 bit processor right when its released. I'll probably buy a new box in the next couple of years so I will see its full effect though.
ShepsCrook said:
LOL This is so very true... Windows ME was the biggest load of junk ever released on earth...
I run a server with it. It boots in 5 seconds from post. 3 Processes. ;)

It's crap, I agree, but after a little tweakin.... it's sweet.

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