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Why dont some women understand?

why is it that some women dont understand that talking on the internet does not make you an antisocial person and everthing, why cant they just get over the sterotype that people who talk on the internet are antisocial people who thingk they are god and dont care about people and who think that there computer is a girl friend

it is not fair that you tell someone that you care they they jsut dissmiss it because you have a laptop for school its just not fair. i am not totaly sure why i am posting this but i know that tehre are nice people here and yea i dont know

like sucks right now i am going for some good music and a game


My girlfriend blames you Americans for me being so anti social.
Her words are ''look how you're talking I blame those Americans you chat with in those chat rooms''.
If I am talking to a Woman she just don't understand it is platonic and my manhood is staying in my boxers.
Get yourself a Woman that is just like you,l ikes chatting on-line, likes trying to crack yahoo id's, likes surfing to all those weird and wonderful sites.

Just stand up and scream at her ''I am a Geek'', ''dam it Woman what else am I supposed to do''?


anti social.... hmmm maybe I sould ditch the GF and hang out in the bar all day getting drunk or plant myself in front of the TV and watch ever sport that comes on ...
My wife doesn't like it either. Most women prefer face-to-face interaction. That's why I have to sacrifice (GASP!) time with my computer people for time with her. Everyone on my chat lists I know in person anyway. It gets too hard to talk to people you've never met, at least for me it does.
i just dont understand her, she wants to do the things that i let her do and she likes her time with her self doing her art and all so i give that to her i take her places with the money i make working with computers and all and she hates that i touch them but he alwas tells me to do the things i love. now i know not all women are like this because i have many women friends that are totaly into computers and all and they have the same problem with guys. is it just annoying that she tells me to do the things i like but she does not want me to use the computer. i am totaly confused by this
maybe she feels left out when you are busy with the computer and all she wants is some attention. But then again what do I know? I grew up a total tomboy.


The Analog Kid
Welcome to the world of girlfriends. I may cynical and jaded when I say this but being in a relationship is all about making sacrifices. Now hopefully these are sacrifices that you want to make and do feel forced in doing so.


Adding up the +ve's and -ve's of Women/girls/Woman/er in doors, I know I would rather feel the firm Bristols on my back or chest at night, than some dudes schlong thanks.

I will say that, I would rather be submissive and let it go in one ear and out the other and be happy I got what I got. I love chillies but peeling them? I don't like doing that no more.


Hmmmm, what we do is called antisocial? I think there are more social people on here than there are at some damned bar or party.....


I have an American friend from nY nY, he always moaning about his wife, what a lazy good for nothing beech she is and how she spends all his money, how he works so hard and how she never does as she is told. She is always sleeping with other guys (he suspects).

I said to him , Denzil you gotta ditch her, get a Dog. I said you want sex go hire a whore.

He said it would be cheaper to keep his wife than dump her. Those American laws are crazy.
Actually there is no winning (unless you can get her hooked on some aspect of computer use). Fortunately my wife got into the "email with out of state relatives" and graduated to surfing the news and weather sites. Her first and last attempt at internet chat was a hilarious disaster. First guy she starts talking to wanted to have cyber sex with her. Won't go near a chat room now!

I have a gaming buddy with the perfect wife. She spends more time online than he does and nags him about system upgrades. Sigh...


If my woman started spending more time on the net than I do I would jump for joy.

Then I could start moaning about housework, cooking, cleaning, shopping not being done.

I wish she would use the net. She used Yahoo chat about 4 years ago once and said this is the biggest yawnnnnnnn she ever encountered. She occasionally surfs the net for teaching resources and better teaching jobs, but about once a month.

I don't like when she uses the net as she gets the real hump when she is tryig to copy
arty pics that have right clicks disabelled for copying. I have to keep going through the same thing time after time. I don't have the patience. I tell her print screen paste to editor, crop save as (.png,.gif., jpeg etc) I would have Kittens trying to show her how to view the source of the page and hunt the pictures she wants.

I think Women should be banned from the net :rolleyes:


thekore said:
yep... women are just a pain in the **** that were put on the earth for one sole purpose.... to make mans life hell
Well I bet you would love a roll in the hay with Angelina Jolie (if that how her name is spelt).

Now that's a woman god created for me. Just bad luck I am not rich enough for her. ;(

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