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Alright. I visit a website, and sometimes there are problems loading it, and then, all of a sudden, I can't access the site at all, and I know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the site. In fact, I even went to another computer in the same house and it worked perfectly. Then I come back to my computer....nothing. The site is still not working at all, even though I can access all other websites with no problems (including this one right now). Eventually, in a few hours, I should regain access to the site, although I have no idea as to why I have problems accessing it to begin with!

Basically, does anyone know why this happens, how I can prevent it, and how to fix it for the future?



MS-DOS 2.0
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Haha...I just solved my own problem literally seconds after this, and I think I now know why this happens from time to time on different sites. My software firewall program, occasionally, detects inane things as "warnings," such as (and this is my favorite :p ) "possible malicious web page icon." Then, it proceeds to temporarily ban the offending server for a day. :p So I ended the ban, and the site is back up.

I'd ask to delete this thread, but I thought I'd keep it up, just in case others just happen to have a similar problem. Check the software firewall first! :p



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Heh, I had something similar happen recently. I have an ftp server on my desktop and was logged in on my laptop and NIS was blocking me and called me a trojan. :D

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