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Why does my IE window open very small

When I open my IE to surf the IE window opens very small, like a tiny box. It used to open as a full screen, but something must have re set it. How do I get it to open to full screen again.



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To prevent yourself from making the same mistake, if you have an NVidia drivers, you can use nview individual settings to make sure it stays maximized :)

Perris Calderon

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your ie will remember your last window size, and it's opening minimized

stretch the minimized window, then use shift and close the window down.

that will be a sort of temporary fix

personally, I like this feature of the browser...I like windows when I click on links to open where I placed them in the past...but that's just me...most people find this annoying

otherwise, look to the previous posts for a couple of solutions.

there are others

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