why do some pages not load from cache?

Perris Calderon

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check for newer pages being set to "automaticlly, why is it some pages load from cache on the back button and some have to get the information again?

is there something in a url that will tell the browser to always get content anew ?
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Perris Calderon

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I don't want refresh, when I use the back button I want the page loaded from cache, if I want new content I can refresh

some pages load anew even when there is no new content, I know I can set the browser to never get a new page, but I'm wondering why some do and some don't


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I assume you're using Internet Explorer?

Probably not the answer you're looking for but Opera has a great caching system. By default whenever you press the back button it grabs the page straight from the cache which makes surfing feel a whole lot faster.

I really don't see the point of re-downloading a page when you've just been on it and this is one of the features that I really love about Opera.

Unsure what Firefox is like in this regard, perhaps someone that uses it regularly could give you more information.

Perris Calderon

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ya, I still use ie...I've tried my best to migrate to another browser but for me is is I still the way to go..however whenever I clean a customers box I make sure they use firefox from that point forward, so let's not get into a "which browser is better" debate

I have opera, don't care for it much at all, I like firefox better, I will be probably migrating to firefox soon enough, I'm holidng out for the finnished version if ie7 before I decide...if it has everything I need when it's done, I won't be loading a seperate browser if I can avoid doing it

anyway, is this "always get new" something in the way the url or page is written?
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Sorry, I just woke up. I thought you said the back button was not working.

After reading it, I see that you're problem is that IE reloads pages by pressing the back button. That happens in Firefox too, and I don't know why it happens.

Perris Calderon

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I think it's something in the way the page is written, like there's always new content or something

what tells the browser there is new content and to refresh the page when the get new page in tools is set to automatic?


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This site pulls data in from mySQL databases. That site pulls data in from several different news organization's feed.
some pages force browsers and proxy caches not to cache them, mostly dynamic pages or regularly updated static pages.

It was never up to the end user what got cached and what didnt. It never should be.


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That site Perris is doing absolutely nothing wrong, they want you to reload their pages, that way you can retrieve new content since you last visited, also, since they have content that changes very often, there is a need for you to get the new page, so you don't view old pages.

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