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Why do a lot of the graphics fail to load?


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I am using the most recent version of IE 6 I believe, and what happens, and quite often mind you, is when I go to a website, a lot of the pictures just don't want to load. I haven't the faintest idea why, I assume it has to do with something on my computer, because I sent someone to a link on Amazon and everything loaded fine... but on mine like 1/2 of the pictures on the page failed to load. They work fine, after you right click and show picture...

I don't know why this would be happening, something obviously has issues loading. This has been going on for quite some time, it's really beginning to bother me. Has this happened to anybody else, and do you have a fix for it?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hmm, if it were to be that then I would assume a lot more people would have it. So far all of the computer people I asked don't have that problem, and they update like it's second nature to them I believe... *Sigh* This problem is so assanine.
it's a random problem, I have it too. Especially in message boards. I'll right-click on one picture an select show picture then all the sudden they all come in (at least the ones that are the same i mean) I was told a while ago it was a known problem when I had asked about it, i'm not sure if there's been a fix yet though.:(


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For me, the strange part is yahoo's logo and a few other icons won't load .. MSN site was like that couple of weeks back but now its ok : (


I may actually be insane.

Perhaps it has something to do with timeout settings? Like the images are taking londer than X seconds to load and therefore IE just gives up?

Just a thought.. :)


i'm havin this problem also... everytime need to right click>show picture.. but i believe what speedy_b said is quite correct... everytime when it takes abit more longer to load... that prob will occur.... ;)

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