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Why did my Xp checked the disk when it start??



my computer checked disk when my xp started

I shut down the computer properly
and let 's checked the disk when it ask for

but it still check the disk when it's next start

who can tell me why and what should i do ?


My current file system is Ntfs

before i input my password
it tell me need to checked the consistence of my drive H:
(i installed double system ,xp is installed on drive G:)
NetRyder: What does the /X command line swich do anyway?
And nice avatar depicting penguins sitting behind an longhorn inspired background!
ViperSnake: The /X switch for "chkntfs" excludes a drive from being checked at boot time.
And thanks! I like your avatar too. I'm thinking of trying Thunderbird sometime soon :)


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next time this happens, I would boot to the recovery console and run a chkdsk on the drive. If chkdsk runs at boot, it means there is a flagged dirty bit and something might be wrong with the drive, bad sector, etc., you need to run this to clear the dirty bit, but sometimes it must be done from the recovery console (it is more thorough)

NTFS will check for this Hipster, but can perform on the fly repairs, so you dont always see it, unless the problem couldn't be fixed. FAT32 on the other hand will be flagged dirty and have to have chkdsk run to repair.

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