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why CS:CZ?

Has anyone in the Computer industry ever listened to that?

I say the same thing about any computer faster than 1.5Ghz.

OooOOh WOW! IE opens 0.5 milliseconds faster than on my current 900mhz! Where's my checkbook!?

People say it's a "Gaming Machine". Laff...still makes absolutely no difference as long as you have a good gfx card.

I even know games that will run on a 900mhz comp with a Radeon 8500 or GeForce3 but wont run on a 2Ghz with a GeForce4 MX.

Why is there so much emphasis on the latest and greatest? One word: Money.
Each and every company these days is finding more and more ways to milk more and more of it from customers.

Electronic Punk

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As much as it pains me to say this Counter-strike is getting boring. The engine it uses is four years old and we haven't seen any new weapons for at least a year.

Condition Zero is going to add a few things that will change the style of play, it will be integrated into CS 1.5.

If you don't want to buy CZ you don't have to, you will still get the new maps and weapons free..

That is Valves continuing gift to us...


Im looking forward to it as I am sick of the OGC cheaters - i am really hoping 1.4 will reduce the cheating.

Damn fine game other than that - the new maps and model previews look pretty smart, so the change will be good.

Electronic Punk

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It does. But you will have to pay for those as well as the hi-res models, as they will only be available with the retail version...

Rest is free... All part of CS 1.5

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