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who wants to give this a try :p


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I don't have enough time on my hands for that. You would think that you can install a mac os on a windows machine anyhow. But, they have to have their stupid proprietary bs. Spend thousands of dollars on something with the same pc config that cost a couple of hundred.


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Carpo, I have tried this last week on my Compaq AMD Turion Laptop but I tried it with the JaS 10.4.8 IntelAMD DVD and it did not work. I received a kernel panic every time I wanted to boot into MacOSX but I have not tried Kalyway's.

Hmmmmmmm looks like another project in progress!!! I'll give it a shot this weekend.


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i tried it on my hp laptop and it worked, there was a lot of little things that had to be done just so, but i eventually got it to work on like the 10th install.

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