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19 Jun 2004
I have a scanner that isn't working because the drivers for XP were NOT created yet. So I email the company and they sent me a reply telling me to edit my registry... does this look "kosher"? I don't want to do this and find out it was something I should not have touched.

copy and pasted email here:
Windows XP was released to the public on October 25th. Mustek, INC will be testing all of our products on Windows Xp both with their current drivers and new Xp drivers. We expect the first of the new drivers to become available to download in November. Please coninue to check the website for updates and announcements.

Possible work around for USB scanners under Windows XP: (these steps are not supported by Mustek.)

This involves changing the registry - Please make sure you back up your registry before making any changes.

1. start regedit
2. about HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\current version change the key "product name" from Microsoft Windows XP into Microsoft Windows 2000
3. install the Mustek driver for Windows 2000
4. undo the changes in the registry

Thank you,
Mustek, INC

Thanks for any input here... before I go and make a mess... :rolleyes:
First advice is to always backup your registry or save a System Restore point before you fool around with your registry (especially when you're not always comfortable editing it).

It looks like it's just a tweak to fool the installation program that came with the driver into thinking that it's installing into Windows 2000. Some install programs will refuse to install unless the Product Name matches what was originally configured in the installation program.
Ok, I made a restore point about a week ago so that one should be just fine to keep...

so ya think it'll be ok to use this?
Hi LadySunhine,

after installing XP last year I have had the same problem with my Mustek Scanner (BearPaw).
The support gave me the regestry hint to install the driver (Win2K). It works great!

Sunny greetings from raining Germany

This tweak should not cause any probelms as long as you remember to change it back when you are done. Do back up the old registry first.
Same problem same scanner.
Did this on my dads puter and it worked

just like to say i have a Mustek 4800p (scan magic) and haven't used it as it won't work with XP... :(

Originally posted by MdSalih
just like to say i have a Mustek 4800p (scan magic) and haven't used it as it won't work with XP... :(


If you email Mustek they will instruct you on what to do to the registry to make your scanner work...

Thats how I got these directions.

Thanks all.. I'm going to do this later today.

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