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Who has taken A+ exam

I am going to be taking mine soon. I have some questions. Should i memorize all the DMA/ IRQ and I/O settings. And old socket types etc. Or what is the main focus on the tests. Any help is appreciated. thanks


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I took both the old and new versions of the test...

Know your Interupts WELL.... socket types a few Q's, know the T/Sing type questions as they ask them in CompTia website, not how YOU would do it, but how they ask it...
thats very important... and the DMA and I/O settings not so important...

If you have just a little extra $$ I would goto this site:
They are very reasonable and as the name suggests they are on the mark.
I have taken and passed my: A+, NET+, SEC+ and SERVER + exams. and while I probably didnt need the questions on my A+ and NET+, I have to say that without the Q's I would NOT have passed my SEC+ test, and the server Plus was not that hard but with the Q's I cut an extremely high score.

They sometimes have packages where you can get a group at one time for cheap.

Good luck!

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One more Q... When you have the questions that have multiple answers, will they tell you how many answers they are looking for.
EX.. Name the input devices.

Will they say they are looking for 2 answers?


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celticfan11 said:
One more Q... When you have the questions that have multiple answers, will they tell you how many answers they are looking for.
EX.. Name the input devices.

Will they say they are looking for 2 answers?
Yes and NO, the way to tell they want more than one answer is by the way the answers are provided.


If you scroll down you will see a pic with both radio buttons and radio boxes.
This is the easy way to tell if it is a mulitiple choice question, if it has boxes to check, then it is a multiple answer question. As you noted already, it would have boxes and I would have checked: MOuse and Keyboard :D

hope this helps!

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ah ya i have some testing software that has like 1300 sample questions and that is the way they are set up, but it says it is looking for 3 answers etc. So good to know. Thanks MLAKRID

The program is called Boson Practice tests. Once i master all of those Q's I will go take the test.

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I had never taken the test per se, but I had taken the classes that lead up to it (the first of the 2 which was required for my comp networkign major)... I did see practice tests and the like before the end of the second class, though this was the older version. Two observations:

- Expect (unless something has been changed) that there will be questions about older comps. Some of the stuff I was aware of, as I was around 10 years old or there abouts, when PCs started comming to market, but you might need to go back and look at some of the older material... Do expect that there could be some questions about CGA graphics cards and the like...

- mlakrid commented about knowing how they ask the questions... Know the answer they're looking for, even if it isn't the correct answer (at least anymore)...

We got questions on the practice test like common speed for a front side bus, they wanted 66 MHz. Course I took this in 2000, and by then AMD was using PC100 and PC133 with the Athlons, and the Pentium II 400 and latter (use 100 MHz fsb) had been released about 1.5-2 years prior to my taking the practice tests, along with the Pentium IIIs... BTW, 100 MHz fsb was on the list, but they considered the answer wrong.

My suggestion, take some practice tests, and if need be figure out how to "BS your way" in answering some of them, to provide what they expect. Many of my class mates and I (most of whom were in other majors such as computer networking, engineering students, and the like) coudln't believe some of the questions and expected answers we were seeing. Know what they want, and provide it... Some practice tests would be good for this, especially where you can get feedback to see what they want...
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