Which video card should I buy?


Hi guys!
I was thinking about buying a new video card and I really can't make a choice! I though about a GeForce4 Ti 4600 but I'm not shure it is the best choice.

I have a P4 2.4GHz on a Intel 845PESV motherboard(AGP 4x) with 512 mb DDR.

I want something under or near 200 $CAN (so about 150 $US and i-dont-know £). I don't want necessarily a TV output but I defenetly want good gaming performances.

So, what's your choice? Is my choice a good one?

edit Maybe I should have posted this message in the upgrades section, sorry!


dude ATI has a radeon pro 9500 for between $140-200 US.
And then there are the GF4200's. Be sure to get 128mb though.
I don't recommend 64mb these days, especially for Doom 3.
If you really wanna go for a GF4600 (which i don't think you'll
find for $150) go for the Leadtek one. It's the best of the


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Leadtek is the best choice for Nvidia but the Ti4800+ ( $600 withAGP8x ) can be found here almost at 260$ ..
I own a Leadtek card - very satisfied .
Recommended :
1.ATi 9500 Pro [ Hercules ]
2.Nvidia Ti4200 from Leadtek
3.Nvidia Ti4800 from Leadtek


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the Radeon 9800 is out now so the ATi card prices will be down a bit, the Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 Pro is a sweet card. It also matches the GF FX card in a fair few benchmarks.


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leadtek?!?! man GAINWARD!!! the build there card out of spec (faster) and they sell them for cheaper. I have a leadtek and I rather have a gainward but I only paid 60 bucks for my 4600 so im stuck with leadtek.
ummm, am i missing something here??

Why would you want a gf4 ti4600 when its only dx8 compliant and is more than the 9500 pro? think about it, the best choice would be to go ATI right now for price/performance and future usage, unless you got the bucks you might wanna get a GF FX but you can also wait a month or so and buy an ATI 9800 and a dustbuster and that will equal about the same as a GF FX :p , i dunno, to me, IMO ATI is the best choice right now, especially a 9500 pro 128MB, only $250-300 CAN, supposedly you can mod them to a 9700 (i think only the saphire, if they still sell them) and you will be able to play future games,.... 4600 is too expensive and wont be able to play dx9 games, ..... i dunno, your call..... i hope i helped decide.....l8s