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Which TI 4200 to get?

I'm selling my 9700 Pro on Ebay and I am going to get a GeForce 4 TI 4200. I've got a couple questions:

In the past, the 64 MB version had faster clock frequencies than the 128 MB version. But I think I remember reading that now the 128 MB 8X version has the same clock speeds? Is that right? And is that how it is on every manufacturer's card?

Second, I'll probably get OEM. I would like to overclock it a bit, so a nice big (stock) fan with (stock) heatsinks would be nice. Any recommendations on which manufacturer's card to get?



Get a gainward kind. They have golden sampleing that makes it 20% faster than regualr cards. IT is great for overclocking


I've got the albatron card, and it's absolutely awesome. Really really good value with excellent performance. They're relatively unknown for their graphics cards at the moment, or at least they were, but if you have a look around at places like Tom's Hardware you'll see it gets great reviews. I picked one up at a computer fair for about £110 with full VIVO and all the cables and stuff. Good luck hunting anyway, it's a minefield out there!!


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64mb agp4x = 250/500
128mb agp4x = 250/444
128mb agp8x = 250/512

I have the Asus 128mb 8x card, a friend has the Abit 128mb 8x card (not OTES), and a second friend has an older Gainward 64mb 4x card... all overclock to around 280/580 with no problem. the Abit has tv-out resolution up to 1280x1024!

i also have the aopen 128mb 4x vivo card and the memory won't even hit 500mhz even though it has 4ns memory. but it's my video machine and isn't used for gaming very much. still a good card for gaming, though. and it was cheap.


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Originally posted by lynchknot
Why do you want to switch cards?
This is called " downgrade " .. probably Eck is an nvidia fan .. Whatever , I recommend as a brand MSI or Leadtek ( which I own ) ..

Shamus MacNoob

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I just got a MSI 4200 128mb 8x agp and I am very happy with it ... have overclocked to 600/290 and I liked the software bundle that came with it .....

first of all the 9700 pro is totaly more powerfull than the 4200 but my opinion on the 4200 would be an albarton TI4680, it is a 128mb ddr II 4200 chip and a sweet cooler fan and ram heat sinks everywhere, sweet card for the price

Shamus MacNoob

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The msi has a very nice cooler fan and a large copper back plate it stays very cool ......... has a great tweaker page part of the software bundle live updates and much much more

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