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which switch


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We are getting ready to upgrade our LAN, and I have been trying to find some reviews of 24 port gigabit layer 3 switches. It looks like the main players in the game are Cisco, Dell, 3com, and Netgear. Any body have any recommendations related to this? I am trying to balance cost with reliability and ease of managment.
For layer 3 you can use just about any24 port you can find
you only have to worry about cisco/foundry if you loook at layer2. and for layer 2 you should only consider cisco/foundry


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o.K., can you clarify your preference. Why would cisco be the choice for layer 2? Seems to me that with cisco's reputation for solid, but expensive equipment, that the more complex config. associated with the layer 3 device would point to them, vs one of the other vendors.

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