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which pc3200 to choose

Ok, its finally time for come pc3200 for me....but which one Corsair 1gb pc3200ll or the kingston 1gb pc3500 kit....I just cant decide. What do you guys thing?


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if you're going to want to overclock your memory past 400mhz, get the pc3500 kit. otherwise, get the corsair kit with lower latencies.
Ok its done. TwinX1024-pc3200ll will be here on Tues. Yes I have the Asus A7N8X-Deluxe with an XP2800+ that i want to up the bus to 200 on....he he. Thanks guys for the input.


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Originally posted by Khaled
what does lower latencies means?
faster initial data burst...

latency == time to start.. if you can picture it... :) the lower the latency... the faster data can START moving...

overall memory will transfer @ the same speed it is rated at... all pc3200 == same speed... but lower latency == lower latency pc3200 will be marginally faster than the higher latency versions...

day to day operations will yield no obvious performance increase... may have to benchmark heavy duty stuff to see the performance increases :)

btw... I recommend corsair... they have good memory/reputation and their memory is genrally good for overclocking if you are into that sort of thing... bear in mind... the XMS memory is GOOD... but it is also quite expensive..

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