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Which OS is better for me?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

My boss has given me access to the Windows 2000 Server CD. Now is my chance to setup a real dedicated network in my home. I do have three 'puters and a Linksys router. I would like each 'puter to have a specific task. I will not bring it home until I am sure that I will use it.

1st 'puter: FTPServer, network FileServer, internet connection through router

2nd 'puter: WebServer, other minor tasks, internet connection through router

3rd 'puter: Gaming, surfing, my personal files, internet connection through router

Should I use the Server CD on each 'puter? or should I stick with the XPPro and XPHome that the 'puters came with?

Thanks in advance..........

FTP and Network shares - FreeBSD with Pure-ftpd and Samba
Web - FreeBSD with apache (php/mysql if needed)
Gaming, surfing, so on, stick with what you have

BTW I never recommend Windows for a server OS. Plus FreeBSD is free. V5.0 or 5.1 should be able to support most if not all of your hardware.
hehe, I will admit that I am a FreeBSD nutcase so I would choose it over windows for most server applications, I am trying to use it as a desktop system as well, but the hard drive I installed it on died :(


Overclocked Like A Mother
Can FreeBSD be for me? Do I boot to it, just like windows, or does it use windows? Sorry, never heard of FreeBSD. Can I install a webserver on it? Can Windows fileshare/network with FreeBSD?
Thank Geffy, Enyo, Now you guys got me really confused!!!

BSD is similar to Linux, so you could also try using Linux if you wish. I believe Linux distributions like RedHat and Mandrake are easier than BSD.


Overclocked Like A Mother

I gotta say, you always answer my questions. Always. When you coming over to show me how FreeBSD works? Do you answer the bigger questions of life? LOL

Thanks, Enyo. I am going to check it out.


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