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Which one ?


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Im looking to get a flatscreen, but i want one that i can use for both tv and pc without loosing any quality. also i don't want to use composite as it sucks.

i want one around 21" pref black or silv3r



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I am guessing price might not be an issue (there's quite a hike from 19" to 21" in terms or what you'll pay I think).

I watch TV sometimes on my 19" AOC LM919 and I'm happy enough with it across the room, but I think I am not the fussiest about picture quality plus not a great TV fan. Been happy enough with this screen, and it was neatly inside my budget when i got it a year or two ago.
my personal opinion: Iiyama 20.1" ProLite E511S-B

Its black, iiyama have always been great quality screens for me, go to iiyama.com and pick it from the products menu to see what im talking about. ;)

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