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I have the following system (see sig) and I have unlocked the processor, and was wondering about MHz VS FSB. Which of the following should I look at for better performance?

Multiplyer: 13 FSB: 141

or should I move the multiplyer to 11 and move up the FSB, whould this increase performance?
was thinking Multipleyer: 11 FSB: 165


hardware monkey
unless you're really going for extreme benchmark numbers, i'd do your agp slot, pci slots, and onboard devices a favor and leave your fsb alone. they weren't meant to run at anyhing higher than 33mhz (66 for agp).

go crazy with your multiplier, though. no reason not to as long as you don't blow your cpu.


hardware monkey
unsafe because, once applied, bridges could be crossed? i guess that's a risk... but as long as you have a good magnifying glass, steady hand, and good eyesight... it shouldn't be too hard. if you think you messed up, wipe everything off and start over. i've done it fine on an athlon 800, but i think the xp's are more sensitive cuz i have trouble getting it to work.

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