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Which HL2 package?

Which HL2 package?

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Just trying to decide which steam HL2 package to go for.
The prob is I pretty much own the backcatalogue of valve games anyway.
HL1 source I take it is HL1 with HL2 engine?

Electronic Punk

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Yeah. Bronze will do really. Silver if you wanna pay $10 for DOD: Source when it is out.
Or you can be a complete pratt like me and pa $135 for the gold version to be shipped over here to the UK :p


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well valve hasn't released anything about if you can buy hl source on its own or really any product on its own(if they did please inform me) so if you want hl source and dod source then go for the silver, I know I probably won't ever play hl source and dod source so I just went for the bronze

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