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Which CPU


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I will be building a new rig soon, but I am a bit confused as to which CPU to go for.

I will be using an Asus A7N8X deluxe Mobo, and want to get the best performace possible without overclocking.

My 3 choices so far are AthlonXP 2500+ 2700+ and 2800+

But I have a few questions.

Is the 2800+ worth paying an extra £80 for above the 2500+?

Does the extra Cache on the Barton CPU's mean that a 2500+ would beat a 2700+, or is the extra Cache not that important?

How much difference does the 333 FSB make compared to a 233 FSB CPU?

Basically what I'm looking for is the absolute best CPU for no more than £200.

Any comments/suggestions would be cool.

Many thanks.


hardware monkey
just some pointers...

a 2700+ will still beat a 2500+. that's what the performance ratings indicate... raw speed. the cache and bus speed are already taken into account. that's why the 2400+ is 2ghz and the 2500+ is 1.83ghz.. but the 2500+ is faster because of it's increased bus and cache.

also, a faster bus speed is always better because at 333fsb, you can run your memory syncronously (333mhz) and get the best performance. a 333 chip with 333 memory will easily beat a 266 chip with 400 memory.

hope this helps.

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