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Which Broadband ISP


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I hope that I will be in a position, in the next couple of months, to get Broadband. So does this mean I will have to go through all the trauma of poor providers, the way that I did with my dial up connection, before I find one that works?

What sort of things should be my priority?

Do contention ratios matter a lot, most seem to be 50-1, which doesn't sound to good to a dial up user.

I will only be using it for home use, although I would like to connect 3 computers.

Any Advice or recommendations?
alittle tip for you about broadband. Remember, when you choose a broadband ISP, you may have to be stuck with them for a long time weather you like them or not. This is due to their contract for example 6 - 12months long.

so be careful my friend :)

Sincerly Alex:cool:


V21 do a no ties ADSL subscription for 19.99 a month.
Check it out www.v21.co.uk

Don't have broadband as yet (in a few months), but I'm giving these a try first, as there's no 12 month contract, and 19.99 is one of the cheapest prices i've seen for a standard 50:1 adsl connection.


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