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where to put this fan


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well my friend gave me an extra 120mm fan and I wanted to throw it in my case...I am going to need to cut some holes and mod my case so I will include the link to my case and was wondering where you all think I should mod the case to put the fan

my idea is to put it right under the exhaust tunnel on the side of the case...that way when I get a new vid card it will cool that and have more air in general in the case

let me know what ya think



The Analog Kid
I'd see if it would fit where the 80mm exhaust is now if you do some dremeling and get a fan guard. Then see if you can take that 80mm and mount it in the front of the case, sucking air in.


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there are adaptors for 120mm fans to fit in the 80mm slots...

ideally you would want it sucking air right above the video card (if a straight ATX case) so it pulls heat off the cpu as well as the back of the video card..

ideally for under the video card I would use a pci-slot cooler to suck out the hot air..

generally with a large rear-exhaust you suck out heat and you also pull in cooler air :) so I would definitely go with it as the exhaust...


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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ok so I put the 120mm in the back to exhaust and mount the 80 in the front?

if that's right that's what I'll do!

thanks guys

also can't find a reputable place to sell one to me on the internet


Beware the G-Man
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I would put it on top... Hot air rises and with a 120mm fan you would get great suction. This way you don't get any hot air trapped in the top of the case. The PSU will pull some out but, with that 120 you'll scavenge all that heat out the top. :)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I kind of like that idea from gonaads and toretto...I was thinking the same thing about the suction of the hot air how it rises and would shoot right out...having a hard decision cause I want to get a fan adapter for the back so I can put the 120mm where the 80mm would be and then put the 80 in the front but I still can't find a place to buy one that I trust...so I think I will go with the top of the case thing

if anyone finds a place to trust to order the adapter I will do that but other than that might go with the top of the case


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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so you have one blowing in in the front and out in the back and then one blowing out the top?

Cause I think I'm about to buy a 92mm for the back putting my 80 in the front and 120 on top or on top of the side(just don't want to drill the top of my case yet)

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