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Where does deleted file go?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I always wondered about this.

When I delete a file on a mapped drive within my home network (I have a central file server with three "workstations"), I don't see it in my recycle bin on my "workstations", nor when I remote desktop the file server, it's not in that recycle bin either. Where do these deleted files go? Would I be able to retrieve (restore) them?


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I would say it would still have to be on the remote server. If it is a large file it would be just silly to copy if over just to move it to the recycle bin, but then whos recycle bin should it be put in? I guess MS thought the same and removed the feature, damn insecure if you ask me, but there are always file recovery utilities.


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when you del a file on a mapped server is a perm del. kinda like you shift del something. nothing goes intot the trash bin.


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If you delete a file across the network, it doesn't reside anywhere, it is totally gone.

If its a mapped drive on a network, the file is gone. It doesn't go to recycle bin. If you're connected remotely with something like terminal server, then the file is also gone. If you're connected remotely with desktop emulation software, like remote desktop, then the file would be in the host's recycle bin (the computer you're connected to).
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Overclocked Like A Mother
Great, Thanks.

I always wondered if it was occupying storage space somewhere within the fileserver tower. I did know that it didn't get transferred over to a workstation recycle bin.

Thanks again,

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