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Where are the font caches on snow leopard?

Dark Atheist

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[Solved]-Where are the font caches on snow leopard?

It seems i have the Firefox/Safari issue whereby adding fonts to the system some who corrupt the font cache(s), all the googling and reading through mac forums all point to the same thing but the files they say to look for arent on my system.

The only tool that worked on 10.5.8 doesn't seem to support 10.6 or .6.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Dark Atheist

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Have now - thanks :)

edit: this was one of the first sites i went too (have them bookmarked) guess i didnt scroll down far enough, but have fixed the issue (so it seems)

all is fine now and i have changed the fonts in firefox and all looks good
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Dark Atheist

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How this was solved.

Remove all fonts from your /Libray/Fonts folder, then open font book and select

file -> validate file

and point it to where you have the fonts you want to install, and then click ok, and wait while it checks the files.

If any have a ! or x next to them its best you dont install these fonts as you may get issues with them.

Tick all the fonts that have a green tick next to them and seelct install, if you see any fonts with a yellow triangel next to them (on 10.6) or a black dot (10.5) then you have duplicate fonts and these need to be corrected.

Click on edit and then click select duplicate fonts, once all the fonts have been highlighted for you select resolve duplicates and all the dupe files should be turned off (you can delete them if you like).

To get around the Firefox and Safari font issues i and other have had you will need to change a setting in Firefox (guess its the same for safari)

Click on the firefox menu, preferences, content, fonts and colours, and click on advanced.

The fonts you will want to use are (in order)


Click ok and you shouldnt have any issues with fonts on sites now, nor should you have the issue of chuncky fonts on google and a few other sites

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