When Shutting Down : PC Looks for "A" Drive


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15 Jan 2004
Hi. Right after I had installed Norton Internet Security 2007 I started getting this problem. When shutting down, a window pops out and it says like this.

"The drive is not ready for use: its doors maybe open. Please check Drive A: and make sure that a disk is inserted and the drive door is closed."

what could be wrong?

If I remember Norton checks the floppy drive when logging off to ensure that any floppy in there doesn't have a boot virus on it, although it shouldn't be saying the drive isn't ready.

Try deleting your recently opened documents list (%userprofile%\recent), there might be a shortcut in there which points to the a: drive.
There should be a setting in options to turn off checking for drives at shutdown.
I had already uninstalled NIS2006 since it was only a trial version but still when shutting down drive A is still searched. I had removed my drive A for almost 4 months now and it never had this problem, just right after I had installed NIS2007. How do I get rid of it? thanks for the posts.

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