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when am i getting my copy of halflife


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i know this is an antiwarez site. And I just want to say that, after many years of being dishonest when it comes to copying software, I have decided to give that all up, and go legit.

Starting with my first ever purchase, that being halflife 2.

Thank you, thank you...
Now when the HELL is it going to be gold/rtm/retail/in my computer



I'm sorry Hal...
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Well its preloading on steam, so general thinking is within the next few weeks it should be released on steam and to shops


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Pray for a Gold announcement this week. that's all i have to say. If that happens, Vivendi MIGHT, and that's some major emphasis on MIGHT, try to get it out the door and on to store shelves pretty quik like. if we're lucky, it might be like a week or 2 after it goes gold, if not lucky then a few more weeks.

Edit: it'd also probably be pretty difficult to use a non-legit version anyway, due to it running on Steam and such.


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I remember Halflife 1 came with team fortress classic... should we expect the same with halflife 2? Or maybe that would be the collectors copy...

thanks guys

Ive also ordered the new Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.
or whatever its called... pumped!


The One and Only
jimi, the only OTHER games i know of that are probably coming along with HL2 are CS: Source, Half-Life: Source, and Opposing Force: Source. DoD: Source is gonna be coming out at a later date, since i believe that one is getting revamped like CS: Source was.


I'm sorry Hal...
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They've said the only multiplayer shipping with HL2 will be CS:Source, but others would follow in the future


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Khayman, in the video from last E3, Gabe said that Half-Life: Source will also be ready to ship at the same time as Half-Life 2. i just hope that you don't have to pay for them all, and that you can just d/l them off steam or something at least if you already bought the game.

Electronic Punk

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they never said 2002, in fact it wasn't even announced until 2003.
They admitted their Sept 2003 date was well out of whack.

Should be good tho, the CS beta is going really well. There have been a few shots of Half-life: Source and apparently DOD: Source is going well. No word on TFC:Source, Riccochet:Source or DMC:Source - tho none of the "official" mods have been changed as much as Counter-strike has.

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