whats your organisation method!


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i'm interested in knowing how you keep your computer organised

what programs u do that help to keep not needed files to a minimum and how u store ur audio, movies or whatever u have.

me, i just have a folder with directories music, programming, grafix ect... and hope for the best that i can keep it clean.

i'm about to format and would like new ways to keep my computer in order. any programs u wud reccomend or wud just like to share how u keep yours tidy let me know thanx
Well, basically I divide my drive into two partitions - one for Windows and software, and the other for music, documents, backups and downloads (stuff I don't want to lose when I format).

In my previous setup, I used to organize software by category - like a separate folder for anything internet related etc. But I found a lot of software just going into my "Miscellaneous" folder, so this time I decided to put all my installed apps into the default location - C:\Program Files :)

The secondary partition has separate folders for music, documents, website files, downloads, and games.

The start menu is left as it is.

As for optimization apps, the only one I use is jv16 Powertools. A defrag using PerfectDisk helps now and then too.


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thanx for the programs u mentioned enyo and i liked that method with the partitions.

I think this is a good thing to discuss so come on ppl post how you keep your computer clean n tidy.


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I found this on the JV16 powertools website: www.jv16.org

The final version of jv16 PowerTools 1.4 will be released in next week (14th - 20th). This will be done in my new homepage, this means that this website starts to redirect all the visitors to the new website at that time.

That's all for now, I just wanted to let you all know.

You can still download the jv16 PowerTools 1.4 RC2:
From Server1
From Server2
Note: Uninstall any older version before installing RC2.

Last update: 11.7.2003 , 13:34 (GMT +2)


My C: and D: drives are one physical drive. C: has the system files and Program files.
D: is where all games are installed. E:, my big drive, is where all my stuff goes.


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i have windows on a seperate partition and all the other stuff on the 2nd partition. i use your uninstaller, regvac and adaware to keep everything clean. all the music goes to the my music folder on the 2nd partition and all th eprogram in d:\Programs.
Mine gets a bit more complicated I suppose. I've got a 30gb drive with two partitions, the C drive is for windows and apps only. The D drive is where games go. I have a 100gb E drive where all of my Music and TV shows go. Then the F drive is a 120gb drive that has my pending downloads folder and the rest is full of movies. My music is very obsessive compulsively organized. There is a folder for every letter of the alphabet, then a folder for every band, within that folder is the mp3 files with just the song title for its name. I edit all the ID3 tags before they leave my temp folder to make sure they all display with artist and title in winamp.

The start menu is really clean, I've used regedits or other options so that all you see when you click on it is shut down and programs (its classic style btw). Within the programs section I have it devided into things like burning programs, photo editing, games, etc. I also put two toolbars on the bottom right of the task bar next to the system tray. One is My music which is pretty much pointless now but is just an old habit. The other is My Computer, I have desktop icons turned off so this is the easiest way to get to anything on any drive quickly. I've also got objectdock in the top right so i can get to some folders even faster lol.

I know its a bit overboard and there are way too many ways to do any one thing, but I like it :D


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I have 2 identical hard drives with 3 RAID-0 partitions for Program Files, Documents (encrypted) which contains music and videos in respective folders and for Gaming Program Files. Then I have a single partition for Windows (ENYO - have you found a way to put this on a RAID - 0 partition?) and another temporary partition on a ramdisk for temporary downloads and test installs. Useful to keep Windows on a separate partition for reinstallations of the OS. Windows Media player and Creative Mediasource will automatically monitor folders for changes in media. Also have separate partition for backup of all other partitions.

Ended up with so many downloads in different sub-categories that I burnt my favourites onto separate CDs and ended up creating a website with categorized links http://decentdownloads.freeservers.com/ so that if the house got burnt down with CDs and PC, at least I know where to go to re-download!!!

My start menu is unique. It's empty!!! With all the useless links and so many program installed the start menu becomes very inconvenient. Instead, I drag the shortcut to the executable into True launchbar and delete everything else with another right click. True Launchbar is divided into useful, tidy categories corresponding to those on my website and CDs (check out screenshot).Everything is arranged in alphabetical order by a simple right click. As you can see, I only have the most often used links on Y'z dock at the top and on special keyboard buttons.

I don't find the desktop icons very useful. Therefore my desktop is clean as a whistle. What's the point of having to minimize all windows just to get to the desktop? Instead, I have large essential desktop icons on the taskbar. Extending the taskbar also allows more icons in the system tray. Also, I find the Windows Media player toolbar powertoy handy.

As for cleaning, I use Cleandisk 2001 as an all in one cleaner as well as JV16. As for finding my way around, I use bookmarks in 2xExplorer. If you want a 3D method of desktop organisation, check out 3DNA. Starter will clean up rubbish on system start up and Ad Aware/spybot will clean up ad-ware etc. All links to these programs on my website (above).

So there you have it - tonnes of programs installed yet still very much neat, tidy and user friendly.


On my data drive I use a program that came bundled with my Visioneer scanner a long time a go called filing central, It's like a filing cabinet, really cool.
i have 2 hdds installed on my main machine. i have partitioned both drives and currently have 5 partitions named:

hdd 1:

winxp (c drive) - windows xp here
grand central station (d drive) - download area
programs (e drive) - all my programs like word, photoshop, etc.

hdd 2:

games (f drive) - install all my games here
entertainment (j drive) - install all movies, music, pics, etc.

this usually works well for me. everything is organized and i NEVER have to hunt for stuff.


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Bucky Badger,

I too use that Paperport, I think it is my best software purchase to date. I got my original version (Ver7) with my Visioneer Scanner, then I purchased ver8 from thier site. Makes the My Documents folder look pathetic.

I use a second HD (D) for all file storage. All installed programs go on the C drive with all informational files put on D.

Music is put in a directory cleverly called "Music" and is categorized by type. i.e. rock, folk, classical, bluegrass, blues, etc. Under each category are folders for each artist that I download. If there are just one or two songs by a particular artist, it gets put in the appropriate root directory.

Similarly, program files (not the installations, but rather the compressed files that get downloaded) are organized under "Archives", with each program getting its own subdirectory.

Photos are organized under "Photos" with a folder for family, topic or any other special category.

Works for me.

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