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What's up with 'sponsored Links'?

I noticed recently a lot 'sponsored Links' on the OSNN web site (and a few others.) At first I thought that I had inadvertently downloaded some kind of search bar but I see that it’s only doing it with specific sites... IS this just server side? :confused: I personally find it annoying, but I do understand the need to support the site. :rolleyes:

By the way, I’m sorry if this was the wrong place to post this I couldn’t see a forum for web site related questions so I tried to find the closest topic that would fit this. :(

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, was slightly the wrong place so I have moved it.
I was contracted to add the links and I am stuck with them for a while so I have moved them off the frontpage and into the articles themselves.

In their current state they are default, I am going to have a play with them and make the links less obvious (ie not green and nasty)

They are server side and do not install anything on your PC.
Ewe I'm sorry I totally missed this forum. I'm glad to hear I didn't accidentally install a search bar though (which is what I thought I had accidentally done).

Thank you very much for the quick response, as well as trying to clean up the appearance of the links for everyone – I have to admit that’s very thoughtful most other web administrators would just leave it as it is! Great job and a GREAT site!

Thank you! :)

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