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Whats the latest AV skinny?

Hey guys,

I have severl computers running Norton AntiVirus 2004. Most of them are about to expire pretty soon, so I'm looking for new programs. I know pop opinion changes pretty frequently, so whats the best AV program (in your opinion) at the moment? Are there any great free AV programs out there? I'm game for just about anything (except McAfee products...pffft), so let's hear your thoughts!


-Nathan A.


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What's wrong with McAfee products?

To me, Norton 2004 was the worst experience. Took up too much resources and system often crashed.


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I have been using Norton Antivirus for awhile now, but just the past 2 month I have been using AVG. It's free and to me it seems to work pretty good.


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I would vote for Kaspersky. From personal experience I stay clear of both Norton and McAffee. :classic:


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I been using AVG for a couple of days now also. I go threw testes and such all the time. So far the ones I like most are AVG, Avast!, and McAfee. Actually, I got the latet version of McAfee for free from my ISP, but I can't stand the security center, so I never intalled it ..

Ones I hate: NORTON, SYMANTEC ! They both sxux big time, and Bit Defender.

Kaspersky is nice, I wish they would come out with a free one. Panda is O.k, I had probs with it the last time I tried it.


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I've been using AVG for a couple of years now. Running AVG 7.0 Pro and I am quite happy with it. I use to use McAfee AV products before Network Associates bought it and never got bit by viruses. So I don't know about the newer McAfee products.
I loved Kaspersky for years but lately I'm having some issues with them. Norton and Mcafee have been on my "banned" list for years. Advertising makes those the two best known AVs but definitely doesn't make them the best or even good. Currently I use Eset NOD32 for my real-time AV and I am more than happy with it. Check it out.

I use Avast! (it's free) and it works failry well. Tons of scanners, but no trouble so far.

NOD32 have gotten very good grades in tests.

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