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What's the fastest CPU for MSI K7T266 Pro??


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Need to upgrade my mobo. In manual it says CPU from 0.6 - 1.4 GHz, I know it can do better.

On MSI's pages:

.. they have "verified" it for up to Palomino 2000+ (266
MHz FSB), however they Thoroughbred 2000+ (also 266 MHz FSB but 0.13 micron process instead of 0.18) is not ok.

The settings they used for testing was "auto".

With all the overclocking features of this board and the ami bios, I'm sure it's possible to come higher than 2000+? And in case it isn't, can anyone explain why the Palomino works (hard to get hold on now) but not the Thoroughbread (cuz I got a T-bred 2000+ in another 'puter I could use and then upgrade that one).

Any comments welcome :)
Its probably a limitation on the clock chip that sets the frequency to the CPU. the 266 is an ancient chipset. I had a KT333 MB and it wouldn't go above 2 gig either.

The KT333a and KT400 are limited also, just not as badly.

Just for reference the KT266 chipset is now about 6 generations out of date:

They probably are not putting out bios updates to recognize the new cpu multiplier settings either. Again, probably because the hardware won't support it. When they went over ~2200 they had to go to a 5 bit multiplier, old boards used 4 bit. Also the older chipsets will not support the 166/333 FSB which is also needed to get above 2200.

The solution is to go out and get a cheap POS MB using the NF2 Ultra. Then you can go up to 3200 w/400mhz ram.

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