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Whats the deal with the 7900gt?


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I am selling my 6800gt on ebay. But i am looking at newegg and i see the 7900g 256 mb video card for 288 dollars, two things, is this better than the 7800gt? and is it worth selling mine for porbably 150 dollars? Anyways, the reason i ask if its better than the 7800 is because its cheaper in some cases.
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Any mod who reads this please move this to green room or graphics cards, as noticed this is in the completely wrong section,
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The One and Only
honestly, i'd say the 7900GT is worth it. as you can see..... i'm running 2. :)

as for the 7800GT..... i wouldn't go with that if i were you. the 7800GT seems to be getting phased out rather quickly (not sure about the rest of the series though.....). eVGA's website shows the 7800GT that i used to have with a MSRP of $450. think i paid $319 when i got it.
The 7900 GT runs cooler (allows a cheapeer hsf) and uses a smaller GPU chip which is why it is cheaper. It also has 24 pixel pipes instaed of 20.

On the other hand when I was looking at 3dMark scores the 7800 GT seemed to be 10% faster. BUT the card spec's say the 7900 GT should be faster. 3dMark06 scores have become questionable.

If you really want to freak out try and buy a top end card in AGP. They are a couple hundred more than PCI. If that 6800 was an AGP you could probably get $50 more for it. Vid card pricing is getting weird.
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Mr. Bananagrabber
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Nope, its pci-x16
... oh well, do any of you know what the 7900gt ko is?
Its on newegg and im not sure if its real or not...
Link me

Never mind I found it. GPU 500 ram 1500 vs 450 and 1320 stock.

It is an overclocked version of the basic 7900GT. EVGA has a line of various overclocked vid cards. It also has an extended HS that covers the ram chips. I have heard some people recommedn against this. The GPU ends up heating the RAM up more than the sink cools it.

Personally I don't touch any overclockced video. Even factory overclocked. They are pushing the GPUs hot enough as it is. Overclocking the RAM is ok it does not die as easily. Last factory OC I had went unsatble at 11 months and died at 13 months. Same happened to 2 gaming buddies. Never again.

If you must go factory overclock. The XFX is probably a better card and a hair faster.
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Mr. Bananagrabber
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But why is it cheaper than some of the others?
I think i can put a gpu liquid cooling system in their if i get it. My question to you is, if i can keep it cool is it the best 256 mb option?

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