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Whats the Best Fan to get for an XP 2000

Whats the best Fan to get for cooling an AMD XP2000+. I've heard the Volcano 7 is the best but whats your opinion. I just picked up a HCC-001 for free from Dabs due to blunder on there part but im not happy with it.

Apparently the HHC-001 is now discontinued... Anyone know why, or whats replacing it?


I had a Volcano 7...didn't do jack...temps were at 55-65 degrees. I have a stock AMD cooler now (I got the boxed retail version) and my comp runs in the range of 48-54 degrees. Not bad for a stock cooler...


hardware monkey
if a stock hsf is doing better than a volcano 7, then i'd have to think that you did something wrong during the volcano's installation. did you clean both surfaces thorougly? didn't touch them or the thermal compound with your fingers, did you? oil insulates. did you use good thermal compound?

no idea why the hhc-001 is discontinued, raja... coolermaster's site still has it as one of their products and no word of getting rid of it. and i know it can still be bought at a major electroic's store here.


I muse a Volcano 7+ and it does me just fine.

Athlon XP1800+
gefore2 MX200 (210/190)
256 MB PC133
15 GB Maxtor (7200)

No other case fans not even a videocard fan and my system temp is usually 38 Celcius and my Chip Never hit 50 Yet, usually around 44 or 45


ive got a stock cpu fan and im running around 47 bout 52 full load no case fans just the the case wide open but im goin to get a volcano 7+ hopefully if they have em in stock real soon its goin to be sooooo tight you guys
Well, looks like a Volcano 7+ it is then...


I orderd a HHC-001 from Dabs and they sent me an HCC-001 by mistake, when i asked to return it they said that the HHC-001 was now dicontinued (it is no-longer available on their site). They then refunded me my cash and didnt ask for the HCC-001 back, so im using that at the moment but the temps a bit on the hot side so im gonna ditch it.

Thanks Guys...
i took off the left side cover and bolted a window fan to it and turned to high. kinda noisy but seems to work well...........?

just gotta keep the cat from getting sucked in

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