whats going on???? Problems!




I need help.

Here are my problems.

I will be running programs fine after first starting up my computer, then if i exit the programs and let my comp sit for a while or if i go surf the web, and then go back and try to start a program either from my desktop or start menu i will get the hourglass cursor and my hd light will blink for a few seconds and then nothing happens. In order to get them working again i have to re-start my comp.
I have tried all the different compatibility choices for the programs but it still does this.

Also i get a lot of not responding messages when on the web or when i try to use windows media player after being on my comp for a while. And then it wants me to send an error report.

What is happening?
Any ideas?


I bought my comp in november and it came with xp home ed.

Here are my comp specs:

Hp pavillion XT963
1.2 Ghz
384 meg ram
geforce 2 card 32 mb

Thanks for your time,



Dec 2, 2001
What programs specifically? It doesn't sound like they're exiting cleanly... leaving something running in the background that won't allow them to start back up again. You can press ctrl+alt+del and bring up the task manager to see what's running... you may be able to identify a program file that's running, kill it, and try to launch the program again.



WOOHOO!!! Thanks Lonman that was the problem.

I only run counter-strike, worldcraft, and win media player from my desktop.

After playing counter-strike for about an hour i exited out to my desktop and tried to start up worldcraft, and got nothing, so i did what u said and it turned out counter-strike was still running even though i had exited out of it.

As soon as i end tasked it worldcraft started up. :)

Thanks so much for your advice,

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