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what type of perfromace increase should i expect if i upgrade too 64 bit windows


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I have a copy of 64 bit windows and its getting to be that time that i do a fresh install. What type of perfromace increase will i have if i use the 64 bit version. Will it just be in the way things open and close and such or will there be any improvment in say games (oblivion ect)?

Specs are below. thanks in advance.


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I tried it briefly - found zero performance increase but a vital driver missing for wifi (which I needed on that boxen as no CAT5!) so until I want to check out drivers for another wired box I am not on XP64... But since I have a creative sound card for the box in question I may be again soon - drivers permitting - and shall post if I have any news.
there is no benefit yet to the average user of 64bit windows. If however you can create 3d scenes in lightwave or 3dsmax to rival industrial light and magic you may very well see a nice increase in processing performance from xp64 :)

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