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what to upgrade?


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Ok, i got about $1200.00 for computer upgrades.

For sure I am getting a new case with new power supply with about $400.00 approx.

What else should I upgrade? (Refer to my signature) for my current configuration. And I am going to a computer show, so the "specials" there are located here (all prices are CDN)



hardware monkey
i would definitely consider a better motherboard. that board (and ecs in general) is very problematic. something from a good manufacturer like abit, asus, msi, leadtek, etc..

and a good chipset! you have an SiS chipset which, in word, blows. you probably got that board really cheap, though... i see it all the time for real cheap.

chipsets for your processor/memory would be VIA's KT266A, KT333, and KT400. then there's nvidia's nforce2 chipset which is also good. any of those chipsets from any of the above manufacturers would be a good idea. if you want more help picking out a particular board, just say it.


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You can get a really good case with a power supply for much much less than $400. Look at www.newegg.com. I personally like Antec, plus their power supplies are good.


Must be dreaming...
Originally posted by dubstar
your computer is fine, buy a hamburgar, and a dog.
Though, I agree with dubstar, your computers fine! IMO, I would wait until better, more faster parts come out, then I would consider upgrading. ;)
if you got some money to blow and want an MP3 player, go buy a zen. of get the koolance external water cooling system. but if i were you, i would save up and get an AMD Athlon 64 chip and new system when they come out. or maybe go with a A7N8X (nForce2) and some dual DDR, it would be crazy fast. the choice is up to you.


I'm trying
newegg will not ship to Canada.
Even so, unless you are getting a top of the line aluminum case and a 550 watt power supply, you can probably count on spending under $300 canadian pesos. The super flower ps I have is made in the same factory as Enermax and costs about $30.00 less.
A stock lian li case ( no window, no blow hole ) is about $185.00 at any walk off the street retailer, you can probably do better on the net for most items except cases. Courier and freight companies tend to "cube" bulky packages with regard to tariffs.
Good quality steel boxes start at about $110.
And I second the mobo idea.
BUT if you want to really do it.
ATI Radeon 9700cards are being reduced to $479.00 and $499.00 at Futureshop and Compusmart starting this week.
I am sure on-line e-tailers will be even cheaper as soon as they clear old stock.
I am seriously considering this myself but I am probably too lazy to reinstall my system right now.

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